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Future Arts and Learning Alternatives

Since our pilot workshop in 2021, Future Arts and Learning Alternatives (FALA) have been studying how to catalyze self-learning in rural educational development. Through our experimental base in ChauddaChulli, West Bengal, India, we’re committed to exploring holistic learning spaces by creating community-driven, interactive, and fluid educational models. We welcome you to look through our projects and continuing research.

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About Us

FALA was initiated by a group of students at the Ringling College of Art and Design. With additional support from the Turiyo Foundation, it was able to come alive by initiating a workshop in the rural village of Chauddachuli, which is found in a cluster of villages in the Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal, India. This one-month intensive workshop, funded by the Davis projects for peace grant, enabled us to study potential frameworks to help identify self-learners in a rural community of West Bengal, who were capable of sustaining Fala's long term mission of self-directed learning.


Our Projects

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FALA 2.0 

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Creative Workspace

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Pilot Workshop

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Hybrid Masterclasses

our base site @

The beautiful coastal village of Chauddachuli sits deep inside a cluster of villages and can be found through the winding roads of West Bengal's paddy fields. With the Turiyo Foundation, FALA is trying to bring a digital voice to this urban-rural community through collaboration with the local leaders and volunteers.

Our Philosophy

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FALA believes in life-long learning. To advocate a sustainable form of learning and education, we built our own models around cyclical learning and the essential values that students must engage with. 

Our Core Values


Our vision is a sustainable future


We are empowered by the arts

Advocating learning in schooling


Exploring alternative educational models

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FALA seeks to study the learning crisis 
and how to build more dynamic creative spaces for students in the educational landscape.

Get in Touch

Maiti More, Chauddhachuli Khejuri II, West Bengal 721432, India

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